Gohborite is a crystalized mineral compound that was formed via gas humidity, causing a chemical reaction that allowed the crystals to grow. They are composed primarily of iron and secondarily of thamium9. It has an average metal content of 52%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Aberskyvinda-Unbu.

Gohborite is a crystal that grows on veins of entangled iron/thamium9 that have been exposed to the air and harsh humidity of the planet by erosion. Some smaller species aid in this erosion by trying to dig underneath the vein for shelter against the foreboding heat. This eventually causes even further erosion until the vein appears to "arc" through the air. The crystal is fairly soft and easy to harvest with a typical mining beam.

Gohborite is a purple gemstone. This purple is thought to originate in some manner from the iron content, as the Wairfiite crystals are a similar shade, yet consist of iron and nickel, not thamium9.

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