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Footpad Gogee Taayn
Primary Information
Universe StarGazer Universe
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances StarGazer Season 1
Inspiration Dragon Ball Z saiyans
Vital Statistics
Species Gohd
Gender Male
Era(s) Near Future
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height Medium height for his species
Occupation Raider (Footpad rank)
Affiliation The Raiders
Allies Other Raiders
Foes Terrans
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Flight
Other powers not revealed
Gear Commlink with heads-up display
Attire Battle Armor

"This is Gogee Taayn. I've impacted."
— Gogee

Gogee Taayn is a Gohd who purposefully crashed his spacepod into Tokyo. He, along with seventeen of his brethren (known collectively as the Raiders), had come to begin an attack on Earth, starting with Tokyo, in an attempt to locate and kill Oki Tsukino after she assassinated his captain's brother. He holds the rank of footpad, though he is considered to be a likely candidate for promotion, unlike his fellow footpad, Darliak. He is of medium height and has his spiky hair pulled back into a long ponytail.

Members of the Raiders[]

Listed in order of rank, and in alphabetical order if several characters possess the same rank.

  • High Marauder Zi Teku
  • Unspecified member, High Marauder rank
  • Marauder Kin Kin Ryou
  • Marauder Naupa Kilion
  • Unspecified member, Marauder rank
  • Unspecified member, Marauder rank
  • 1st Lt. Jakfus Karlou
  • Unspecified member, 1st Lt. rank
  • Unspecified member, 1st Lt. rank
  • Unspecified member, Cutthroat rank
  • Unspecified member, Cutthroat rank
  • Unspecified member, Cutthroat rank
  • Footpad Darliak
  • Footpad Gogee Taayn
  • Unspecified member, Footpad rank
  • Unspecified member, Footpad rank