General Information
Creator Gingalover
Planet Type Earth-sized
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Orbital Characteristics
Rotational period 120 (5 earth days)
Orbital period 996 Gitian days (13.6438356164 earth years)
Physical Characteristics
Water Percentage 99%
Sapients Tesilver (former)


Vegetation none
Political Information
Strategic Information
Gitro is a currently uninhabitable planet, all carbon-based life no longer able to survive on the planet.


There's only one continent on Gitro, surrounded by a global ocean


Xzzeviz is the main continent on Gitro, and the only main landmass. Hundreds of years ago, Xzzerix was once very furtile with many prehistoric plants and animals, but soon after the main race, Tesilver, had left, the land had turned into a dry, barren, polluted landscape. The entire land has turned into a desert-like land, with water and food unable to be found within land.

Geographical HistoryEdit

All history involving the planet is unclear, since most of its history was owned by the Tesilver (which had been forgotten). All many races can gather was that the Tesilver were once the prime rulers until the planet became more polluted, and the strange race called the Fxerixac began to appear.

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