The Gibil are a energy-based species native to the planet Shala located in the Gerra system. A planet right along the border to the uncharted area's of the galaxy.

Discovered in 1334 by a hunyago-rovar collaborated exploration mission after their ship was forced to settle down due to engine failure. Upon landing the crew was confronted by these energy-based sapients that represented themselves in humanoid shape. Shala's location gave the gibil a reprieve from imperial conquest but made a compromise to make these visitors respect their independence: by offering several hundred of their own as a power source for their ships and infrastructure. Signing a condominium pact between the hunyago and rovar.

Despite being officially neutral during the FGW, Shala's status as a condominium expired in the first two months and was fought over by both the morphs and rovar to deny either an advantage over the other. Leaving it in a destroyed state. Forcing many to leave that intensified the later refugee crisis after the war ended. Today many gibil are can be found outside the Gerra system. Either as mercenaries or working infrastructure on other homeworlds.

Appearance Edit

Although gibil can take any shape they desire, by default due to exposure of first contact, they appear as humanoids with two arms and five digits on each hand. And two legs having two feet with five toes. The energy complexion varies from a light red to a bright orange.

Known Gibil Edit

  • Felim Corippus - First post-imperial leader of the Gibil
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