Gerals are also Reptoids (or Reptilian). Their worst enemy is the Gunarclean, and for good reason.


  On Gunar, they were very advanced. They had an age of inventions, art, and ideas like the Renaissance. This was all happening until the Gunarcleans came. They took over Gerale, but not without a twenty-four hour fight. A small fleet of ships holding refugees was headed for an uninhabited planet (uninhabited, meaning no sentient species). They colonized this planet and called it Gerale II. After a long period of getting back on their feet (Roshaks helped), they had a crazy rumor. They thought humans were descended from Gunarcleans. This doesn't make sense at all. But, Gerals are Gerals. They sent commandos to earth to get revenge on their enemies.

Now they're hiding underground, plotting their next move.

False SuperstitionEdit

Reptoids were thought to be able to morph into humans, and most of earth's leaders are supposedly reptoids. This is false. Gerals aren't able to morph.


An iconic vehicle used by Reptilians is a cylinder-shaped machine that floats. This is the Geral Reconaisance Vehicle (GRV). Only aliens with tails can fly this. This is because it doesn't have a rudder. Gerals use their tails as rudders for the GRV's. It also has a deadly gas that can cause each of the following:

  • lung cancer
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • deformation of the skull?
  • and maybe brain tumors
The nasty gases are a horrible threat only Gerals are immune to.


The eyes are mostly yellow. But, when angry, sad, or reminded of the Geral I, the eyes turn red.

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