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General Segar
Hamaki Shōgun (葉巻 将軍)
General Segar Sprite Right.png
Primary Information
Universe Dragon Ball
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive (eventually deceased)
Appearances Dragon Ball R
Vital Statistics
Species Smokian
Gender Male
Era(s) ~Age 1083
Hair Color None
Eye Color Gold
Homeplanet Smoke
Occupation General, Hypotherm's η Squad
Affiliation King Bakko
World Trade Organization
Hypotherm's Extermination Squads
Allies Brunt, Cheroot, Chu, Holda, Igarette, Rillo, Torcedor, Snuff, Stogee, Other members of Hypotherm's extermination squads
Foes Saiyans
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Haze Smog
Moxa Fist
Ki Control
Weaponry Moxa Fists
Ki attacks
Gear Armor, HUD-equipped helmet

General Segar is a Smokian general in the Celcian warlord Hypotherm's extermination squads, serving his master as the leader of Eta (η) Squad. He is a proud individual who prides himself on how many Saiyans that he and his men have successfully executed. Segar is extremely calm in all situations, and is always shown to be relaxed and confident, except in the case of his demise (in which case he still retains his calm demeanor but loses his confidence).

He has mastered the ability to burn through his ki very slowly, even rivaling the ability of his underling, Rillo. He has massive muscles, though certainly not to the level of Broly in Legendary Super Saiyan form nor Future Trunks in Ultra Super Saiyan form, but enough to make him definitely appear as a natural powerhouse. He has trained his moxiknuckles to such a level that he can use them to create makeshift flamethrowers; however, though his hazy smog is thicker and more difficult to see through than his underlings, it is also less toxic due to his focus on his knuckle organs.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Like all Smokians and honorary Smokians, he is named after a tobacco product. In Segar's case, he is named after a cigar.