The Galactic Sprinter Cross Model Nine Star Vader also known simply as the Star Vader is a highly advanced, small starship which is used solely by the galactic mercenary, Austin Vatea. It was designed, armed, and specified by him along with his closest allies, carrying within it a number of extremely advanced, rare forms of technology and weaponry which, despite its size, make it one of the most deadly and useful tools that a hitman can wish for, as a ship which is extremely potent, equipped with all the faculties that a useful transgalactic vessel should sport, while maintaining the nimble nature of a small, sporty, highly powered speed and agility-based ship.



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The GS-X9 is a straw-weight vessel, being smaller than most ships which fit into low size classes. It is a heavily stylish, streamlined vessel, more reminiscent of an atmospheric stealthfighter used on planet earth. Of course, it can be used in the same way as such jets, being a fully functional spaceplane, which in spite of its size, is said to be just as well armed and as potent as the largest and most destructive intergalactic juggernauts currently in service. With dimensions of just 6 feet tall, 11 feet wide, and 21 feet long, the GS-X9 is the perfect practical-use vessel for austin, being all of small, extremely powerful, destructive, and agile at the same time, perfect for a mercenary such as him. The GS-X9 is a vessel with an extremely aggressive design, appearing more like a lethal blade soaring through the stars than anything else, a network of sharp, knife-like splitters, canards, diffusers, and body panels composing it, making it as imposing as its pilot. The GS-X9 was also designed for atmospheric combat, meaning that its body is molded to slice through wind like a knife.


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