The G-Serum was an extremely dangerous, highly experimental blend of rare super soldier serum which was infamous for killing those who underwent procedure with it, as it continuously became extremely toxic and acidic during biological polymerization, becoming almost completely lethal as it bonded with the body of the host it was injected in. However, the g-serum, by contrast, is also considered the most powerful super soldier serum ever concocted, granting the host massively superhuman capabilities far beyond that of the greatest human. Because of this, details as to the manufacturing and distribution of g-serum are held in top secrecy away from the public.


The G-Serum project was conducted in supreme secrecy by various sects of the human government on planet earth. The idea was to create a super soldier among super soldiers, the next generation of power for the human race. The G-Serum was created to not only enhance the abilities of the soldier in question, but also unlock and draw out the maximum potentiality hidden within the human body and brain itself, something that was more or less successful in surviving candidates. Over the period of about a decade, hundreds of elite soldiers were handpicked by the g-serums creators, yet only the bare minimum survived, and went on to their own devices.


A normal human super soldier is measured as being about 25 times more powerful than a peak human being. By comparison, a g-soldier is measured to be roughly about 45 times stronger and more powerful than the average super soldier. This makes those who have successfully bonded with the g-serum an astonishing 65 times more powerful and potent than the greatest of natural human beings. On top of drastically enhanced physical abilities, g-soldiers also have the ability to tap into the true extent of the humans brain power, storage capacity, and general mental faculties, essentially meaning that they have become intellectual super geniuses beyond any other.

Known UsersEdit

There have only ever been a handful of survivors out of the hundreds of potential g-soldier candidates whom were injected with the formula during the years the project was active. However, as a testament to the power that they attained thanks to the process, all existing g-soldiers have attained a reputation akin to that of a modern mythic legend spanning an intergalactic scale.

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Deceased G-SoldiersEdit


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