A group of Worm Feeders on a Gamilian Daisy.

Main Information/Symbiosis Edit

Flower Feeders are tiny red fungi that are on every continent of Gamila. They often latch onto flowers and plants, consuming the nectar and pollen. Flower Feeders use this plant material to create spores. These spores are partly made up of the pollen that is collected, causing the spreading of pollen and the pollination of the plants. After the spores are created, the Flower Feeders wither and die as not to harm the plant.

Species Edit

There are multiple species of Flower Feeder. Members of the first species resemble small red worms, and are called Worm Feeders. Worm Feeders generally feed on small plants, and grow, eat, multiply, and die very quickly. Members of the second species are called Soothers, due to their way of pollinating hostile or carnivorous plants. They use a chemical made within special sacks to sooth or calm the plants, and then safely pollinate them without the threat of being eaten. After the spores are released, the chemical stops being produced, and the fungi are consumed. Members of the third group are called Drillers. Their spores have small spinning spikes that allow them to drill around underground and grow on bulbs and roots.

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