General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Jungle World
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Orbital Characteristics
Satellites Unspecified—existance of ring system indicates some existed at least in the past
Physical Characteristics
Axial tilt 17°
Terra-Score T3
Weather Class Class 3
Tectonics Class Class 2
Primary Terrain Maze Jungle
Sapients Yothrak
Political Information
Official Language(s) Iiskraw
Strategic Information
Strategic Value Homeworld of the Yothrak
Valuable To Yothrak, UFCL

Ethuun (/ɛðuːn/) is a tropical world covered in great jungles filled with entangling branches and choking floral concentrations. Homeworld of the Yothrak, this world is known to the galaxy as a whole, although it is not often visited my other species, and is considered backwater for its overall 'worthlessness' to galactic society.

Ring debris on occasion will switch which ring they are in due to gravitational fluctuations, making the entire skies above Ethuun a good location to remain cautious of vessel damage caused by less than intelligent or intentional means. However, this action is not common enough to disrupt the definitive ring shapes, thereby leaving both rings—at least visually—intact at all times.






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