General Information
Creator Dantanius
Alternate Names Bastion (diaspora surname)
Planet Type Terrestrial
Universal Location
Universe Testament (story)
Galaxy Milky Way
Cluster Asclepius
System Meditrina
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Terrain Hue Green
Liquid Hue Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Bio-Morph Empire (510-1853)

Galactic Alliance (1853-1866)

Republic of Epione (1866-present)

Capital City Machaon
Government Morphist Administration of Epione (510-1853)

Republic of Epione

Population 17.6 billion
Official Language(s) Galactic Basic (Official language)
Strategic Information
Valuable To Bio-Morph Empire (510-1853)

Morph diaspora (1866-present

Epione is a planet located in the Asclepius Nebula, Meditrina system with Podalirius and Panacea as it's satellites.

Under the early morph empire, the planet was founded by Sero Fera as an agricultural planet due to it's vast fertile lands and overall size. Later used as a immigration interest for non-morphs and followers of non-morph religions to settle in order to ease the frustrations of the didoli's on Mergen. Who protested non-morphs were forbidden from settling in the Nerthus. Because of it's importance for the aforementioned reasons, it was often targeted by rival empires and anti-imperialists groups. Hoping to stir racial tensions between the non-morph citizens and hunyago elite. All of which ended with varying conclusions.

Epione was a piece of the NENNES group. An acronym for the Category-1 planets the empire deemed important. Epione represented the fifth.

In 1866, the Galactic Alliance handed over sovereignty of Epione to the diaspora, a 17.6 billion migration of hunyago fleeing the Bio Administration and escaping hotbeds of anti-morphism that began sprouting across the galaxy. Outnumbering the already established non-morph presence, led to the eventual hunyagoiszation of the planet.

Sector's of Epione Edit

Gwahanu Sector Edit

The Gwananu sector of Epione is known as the religious epicenter of the planet. Under a strict segregation policy that was greatly introduced by the Anoist clergy on Mergen and enforced during the First Galactic War from the en masse of refugee's fleeing violence and the sectarian fighting that followed. Religions from across the galaxy have their own sector called a Pentref to comprise the numbers they have. Between these pentrefs lies a buffer road guarded by Gwahanu enforcers belonging to the RSSC (Riot Suppression and Sectarian Control) ensuring sectarian conflict is kept to a low and facilities provided to each pentref are equal to one another. The only area where religion's with a acceptable rating by the RSSC are allowed to congregate with others is the capital of the sector Ionad.

Government Edit

As a Morph majority planet outside the Trinity, Epione's central government is a parliamentary republic although bears slight similarities to the Administration such as governments where Morph's make up the majority and follow a political philosophy of meritocracy. Every seat in the parliament is accommodated to morphs with very little seats offered to the non-morph population to represent them.

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