General Information
Homeworld Eiko
Environment Effectively anywhere; selective based on clan
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Lifespan Average is 250 yrs
Locomotion Quadrupedal, flight
Feeding Behavior Omnivore
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Language(s) Draconic
Leaders Several
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Originally Eiko, now anywhere
Other Information
Status Endangered, near vulnerable
Creator Silvie Skydancer

The Eikolk are a race of draconic aliens who are currently scattered across the Harmonia universe, due to their home planet, Eiko, being overrun by the Void's ever-spreading shade. They have, however, built themselves back up and have formed a decent empire. A few arrived on Harmonian Earth and have formed a small village since then, but most are on other planets. Eikolk are a draconic race, with tough feathered bodies, jointed antennae, large, powerful wings and a feather crest. This crest is usually their underbelly color, but can be dyed by higher-ranking Eikolk. The rank of an Eikolk can easily be seen by the number of stripes on their tail. One is low-class, two is commoner, three is high-middle, four is noble, and five is royalty.

There are six different Eikolk clans, each having a certain element and living on a different part of Eiko before it was corrupted. There are Echolix (normal), Tidurum (water), Irinum (fire), Tonitraz (electricity), Froschis (ice), and Illumina (light, quite rare). The Eikolk still on Eiko were transformed into the corrupted, vile Volinyx Eikolk, which are extremely aggressive. Normal Eikolk are rather friendly within their own species, but with their caste system, they can be a bit discriminatory and often selfish. They are heavily observant of outsiders, and may become hostile if they grow to dislike them.

All Eikolk clans share the general trait of their primary body color being typically any shade of brown; their underbellies are either lighter or darker depending on clan. Illumina are usually very light brown or cream, with white underbellies; Irinum lean toward rusty colors with dark underbellies, Tonitraz are often yellowish, Tidurum tend to be dull and muddy-looking, with light underbellies for use as countershading, and Froschis and Echolix are usually the neutral browns (Froschis are darker than Echolix, though). Volinyx are solid black.

Each clan has a color connected to them as well; this is the color they mark their homes and stripe their kin with. Echolix is white, Froschis is cyan, Irinum is red, Tonitraz is yellow, Tidurum is blue, and Illumina is pink. Volinyx use a very dark purple. They tend to build homes with a typical futuristic look, often black or white with bright neon lights running in patterns and colors signalling the clan the Eikolk family living there is from. Volinyx, however, have angular, asymmetrical homes with a crystalline look, always solid black with no lights.

Very rarely, an Eikolk may feel love so deeply that their form is slightly twisted by their love. These are known as Amoris Eikolk, but are not technically a clan; they're still part of whatever clan they came from. Some of their stripes will become a reddish, light pink distinct from the pink of Illumina Eikolk, and their body shape is often taller and thinner than normal Eikolk.

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