The Earthen are the largest species of dracosaur, capable of reaching sizes of 18-20 ft at the hip and up to 50 ft in length and weigh in at around 6-8 tonnes. The element they represent is Earth.

Known members Edit

Gharth (current representor of earthen)

Telkadar (former representor)

General Information
Aliases Other Dracosaur species, especially with the Pyron
Classification Dracosauria humusia
Species Type Dracosaur
Homeworld Gaia
Environment Anywhere, commonly in deserts
Intelligence Sapient, though not as bright as far as Dracosaurs go
Biochemistry Carbon-based
Biological Information
Lifespan 280-300 human years
Average Height 18-20 ft
Average Weight 6-8 tonnes
Average Length 50 ft
Locomotion Bipedal
Feeding Behavior Omnivore
Prey Any
Predators None, Apex
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Chaotic good, Neutral good
Personality Care free, Happy-go-lucky,
Organization Democrarchy
Language(s) Dracosaurian
Leaders Gharth as representor of Earthen, Rag'nar Hellcleaver as leader of Dracosaurs
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Gaia
Genus Dracosauria
Species humusia
Other Information
Status Least Concern
Creator Rhinocavalry42

Description Edit

Earthen Dracosaurs are the only dracosaurs that lack a pair of wings, which are replaced by thick armour that runs down the length of the body starting at the base of the neck. Their scale coloration ranges from Persimmon to Amber and have an Apricot underside. The head is large with the snout vaguely resembling that of a Tyrant and having lumps on either side of the head similar to that of a warthog or entelodont, giving them very powerful jaws. They also are the only Dracosaurs to not have horns, instead having three large bosses on the top of the skull.

They have muscular limbs which allows them to carry huge amounts of weight with relative ease, making them the strongest of all dracosaurs. They also support a club at the end of the tail that functions as a counter balance and a very effective weapons.

Personality Edit

Earthen are normally relaxed and laid back and almost always have a happy-go-lucky additude, even during dire situations, but know when to be serious themselves. They have a fondness of stronger alcohol like beer or spirits and food (particularly meats) and will quickly bond with those that share a similar interest. As far as dracosaurs go, earthen aren't the most intelligent, but make up for it with greater fearlessness. They normally get uncomfortable when not on solid ground for extended periods of time.

Role in society Edit

On the battlefield Edit

Due to their strength, the earthen mainly use heavy weapons such as LMGs (Large Machine Guns), rocket launchers, cannons, warhammers, battleaxes, greatswords, etc. They also serve as heavy cavalry, being so large that the conventional mount won't do, the astride themselves on Titanotheres.

They have invented specialized exosuits commonly known as Juggernauts that allow them to fly in the skies with their allies with large wing-like jetpacks. These can also be temporary weapon platforms, capable of supporting even larger weapons that even an Earthen can't use on its own such as railcannons or AA (anti-air) guns, using hooks to lock them in place and keep recoil at a minimum.

In society Edit

In society, the earthen serve mainly as blacksmiths and engineers (despite not being the most intelligent of dracosaurs) and have invented many important items and objects ranging from their Juggernaut exosuits to large starships to interdimentional portals. They serve alongside Metalion Dracosaurs as miners as both are experts of the profession and are more willing than most to go underground. They also act as heavy lifters and sometimes even bar owners,brewmasters, and chefs due to their love of alcohol and food,

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