Dujurbite is a volcanic mineral formed from the expulsion of iron and gold to the surface of the planet in a semi-liquid state, where it then is rapidly cooled. It has an average metal content of 72%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Dauenolaste.

Dujurbite is a large rocky outcropping that was formed when two metals—iron and gold—bubbled to the surface during volcanic activity out of vents in the ground. As it bubbled up it would rapidly cool and generally burst in the process, leaving an ever-smaller hole for the material to leak out of until the substance capped itself off and filled in the middle. They are often used by local invertebrates as a makeshift nest, with the creatures tunneling through the non-metal segments, leaving long tunnels throughout the substance that do little to impede its durability. Most known Dujurbite has been found "infested" in this manner.

Because of the high gold and iron content, the mineral is considered invaluable to salvagers, but conservationists have picketed the action for the sake of the invertebrates.

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