Dresh Mhodeek is a General class Dorian and won't let any humans live ever since Dr.Zenox injected Coriana Mhodeek with dangerous poison and killed her when the effects made her insane.                                  

Dresh Mhodeek
Dresh Mhodeek


Primary Information
Universe Doria
Creator Dr.Zenox
Status Unknown
Appearances The Dorian(unpublished),possibly The Dorian 2
Vital Statistics
Aliases Scarface
Species Dorian
Gender Male
Age 200years
Date of Birth May 13th,2800
Date of Death Unknown
Era(s) The Dorian War-The Link Contract
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Red
Height 11 feet(a dorian record)
Weight 2 tons
Homeplanet Edromina
Hometown Not Mentioned
Occupation Army General
Affiliation Dorian
Allies Skylberje Mhodeek,Bane,Wolfclaw,Scar
Foes Alex Malberge,Olivia Canes,and his worst foe Dr.Zenox
Mother Jalish Mhodeek(Queen{only mentioned})
Father Poliin Mhodeek(King{seen})
Brother(s) Skylberje Mhodeek
Spouse(s) Coriana Mhodeek(seen}
Children Sony Mhodeek(test subject)
Abilities & Inventory
Weaponry Teeth,Second Pair of arms

The Dorian War experience

Dresh was a private during The Dorian War.He had wiped out the human army almost completely,and the survivors included Dr.Zenox,Alex Malberge,and Olivia Canes.

The Link Contract

Dresh and a few others ambushed The Hixon,and failed to kill Alex Malberge,but killed Olivia and Zenox.Alex pushed Dresh out into outer space and has not been seen sence.                                                                                                                                  

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