A Dragger under the sea, waiting for prey

Main Information Edit

Draggers are enormous carnivorous plants that, at full length, stretch from Gamila's sea floor all the way to the surface. They are home to vast ecosystems of two different aquatic creatures, the Static Worm and the Reeha.

Symbiosis Edit

The two creatures that live in the Dragger both serve a function in helping the plant feed and survive. Static Worms live near the bottom of the plant and protect its soft "belly". They attack surrounding herbivores in groups using static electricity, keeping the seeds safe. Reeha, on the other hand, stay near the surface and help the plant feed. When a flying animal is spotted flying overhead, the plant's tentacles will grab schools of Reeha and thrust them into the air, allowing them to gang up on the creature and weigh it down. When the animal reaches the sea, the tentacles grab it and drag it to the mouth. In return, the Dragger protects the two creatures and allows them to eat scraps. Strangely, Static Worms are often infected by a virus named the "Bubble Plague" in which the infected creatures swim to the top of the sea and attack Reeha.

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