Main Information Edit

Dignnoses are small, ground-dwelling animals native to Gamila's Islanda Tropics. They are known for using their large snouts and front legs to dig large nests underground. They mainly feed on plant roots and bulbs, and are commonly preyed upon by Weems.

Nest Behavior Edit

Dignnose nests generally consist of 16-30 Dignnoses. The nests are made up of three main chambers, as well as a complex system of tunnels. These are the mating, eating, and nursery chambers. Most Dignnoses are workers, which search for food in the tunnels and drag it back to the eating chamber for consumption. There are also 3 larger Dignnoses, the ruler Dignosses, which are the only Dignnoses capable of mating. Dignnose eggs and babies are kept in the nursery chamber.

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