Deouxformazanziscar is a hive mind of infinite beings including Agrobarick. Their numbers are infinite


Agrobarick , have the omniverse inside it as an atom. He is a level 1 Deouxformazanziscar. While level 2 Deouxformazanziscar is the universe of Agrobarick. The level 3 Deouxformazanziscar is the universe next to level 2 Deouxformazanziscar who dwarfed Agrobarick itself. The sequence will be like this and it will iterate infinite times. So the higher the level, the bigger and the stronger they are. They are the only thing that have real "infinity" aspect. Because they are a hive mind, each Deouxformazanziscar will not deviating from their behavior. It is happening Agrobarick is hit by the Salaman fracture. Each Deouxformazanziscar has a biological strings that connect their back to the atom of the superior Deouxformazanziscar which is the lower Deouxformazanziscar's universe. Each of the atom have it's own Deouxformazanziscar. Each of this thing have so much control over electricity because they can control the electrons easily.


  • Deouxformaznziscar is the largest hive mind.
  • Deouxformaznziscar is came from Obar language (Settel system) which means infinite form of the highest being. People of Jerrgerod know it as Zyagebhe or the true deity.
  • Salaman fracture, who hit Agrobarick came from the 35,553,521,632,252,622th Deouxformaznziscar.
  • The only Deouxformazanziscar with a different call is the first one encountered, the Agrobarick.
  • Even when all of the existing supercomputer combined, they even can't calculate how many Deouxformazanziscar because they are truly infinite.
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