Deadite Dalek...
The Deadite Daleks (also known as "Nightmare Daleks" or "Abominations") were a large group of Daleks who had been infected by a supernatural force - summoned by the Necronomicon Ex Mortis (The Book of the Dead) - after they attempted to use it as a weapon in the Second Dalek War to defeat humanity.

Following the 'infection', the Kaled mutants inside the Dalek battle armour mutated into demonic deadite forms and soon the 'Deadite Daleks' launched their own assault against humans, pure daleks and any other life form that stood in their way. The Deadite Daleks and their possessed forces were eventually stopped and destroyed by a 'poison alliance' of humans and pure Daleks - led by Ash Williams and Abslom Daak.


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Appearances and AbilitiesEdit

Every Deadite Dalek is slightly or largely different in appearance to each other - due to the way the Kaled Mutant inside the armour has mutated as a result of been turned into a deadite by the Necronomicon's demonic force. Some remain inside their mostly intact armour, while others have burst out in several places. The Deadite Daleks are led by a Deadite Dalek Prime - whose purpose is similar to a Dalek Supreme/Emperor and/or Deadite Queen.

Like the Pure Daleks, the Deadite Daleks still have all their Dalek technology at their disposal. As a result of their possession, however, they have also gained several other abilities - including their natural psychic power been enhanced (been able to use strong telekinetic powers) and been able to reform parts of their body into weapons. Furthermore, they are able to use their psychic power to crudely morph their armour and technology into different physical forms.

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