Deadite Dalek Prime...
The Deadite Dalek Prime (also known as the "Nightmare King" or "Big Tentacled Freak") was the leader of the "Deadite Daleks" and the first Dalek to be 'infected' by the supernatural force - summoned by the Necronomicon Ex Mortis (The Book of the Dead) - after the Daleks attempted to use it as a weapon in the Second Dalek War to defeat humanity.

Soon, the infected Dalek began to attack its brethren and infected other Daleks around it - the Kaled mutants inside their battle armour mutated into demonic deadite forms. The first Deadite Dalek continued to mutate and grow - absorbing its battle armour into itself and modifying itself both genetically and cybernetically using its enhanced mental power. Soon, the Prime reached an enormous size - easily out-sizing even the Dalek Emperor. It also used its astounding psychic power to morph the Dalek Technology to suit its own needs.

The 'Deadite Daleks' would soon prepare and launched their own assault against humans, pure daleks and any other life form that stood in their way. The Deadite Dalek Prime, his Daleks and their other possessed forces were eventually stopped and destroyed by a 'poison alliance' of humans and pure Daleks - led by Ash Williams and Abslom Daak.


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Like the other Deadite Daleks, the Prime has the ability to use the Dalek's normally dormant psychic power - but its powers are much greater then that of its 'brethren'.

Like many types of deadite, it is also very strong (especially considering its size), able to take a lot of punishment due to its durability, is able to levitate under its own power and (like the Daleks) possesses a hive mind with the rest of the Deadite Daleks.

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