Driven to near extinction, the Damu are a species of biped humanoids native to the planet Girsu located in the Tammuz system. A species scarred by the Kingu occupation, the damu once numbering three billion at the time of discovery, now see an estimated number of only five-hundred thousand. While those who survived worked to repair their home, others have stooped to criminal levels to provide themselves a better future to escape Girsu's poverty-stricken status. Giving rise to another contribution to the criminal underworld.

The damu were discovered in 1683 CE by a kingu exploration team that was ordered to find gunura deposits in the Outer-Rim which Girsu was rich with. Instead of sending this discovery back to the leadership of Nanshe or Panatoria, whole fleets were sent to occupy the defenseless damu. Forcing them to live under a brutal occupation to mine resources for 132 years until the lid of their operation was revealed in 1815 to the whole galaxy. So far the damu have gone through a population boom since the end of imperialism in 1853, but this will take many generations for this species to reach it's pre-discovery numbers. For now the majority can be found on Girsu, however entire swaths of it's population have spread outside their home.

Appearance Edit

Damu are humanoids with two arms and five digits on each of their two hands. Although they largely resemble humans, two factors annoy the comparison. Damu have dark purplish skin with tone range from dark purple to a light blueish-purple. More notably are the long outward ears that give them acute hearing over a long distance. As with most damu they have hair that is of a white color ranging from a long free style to a cut short.

Known Damu Edit

  • Kuru Norach - Survivor of the Kingu occupation
  • Bardas Bagrat - Species representative
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