General Information
Homeworld Cryokkus
Environment Polar environments
Intelligence Semisapient hivemind
Biochemistry Unknown composition
Biological Information
Lifespan Unknown, but quite short
Locomotion Can shift between quadrupedal and bipedal
Feeding Behavior Does not need to eat
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Language(s) Cryokkan
Leaders Cryokkan Queen
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Cryokkans currently occupy more than a few icy planets. Oddities can live anywhere
Other Information
Status Least Concern
Creator Silvie Skydancer

The Cryokkan are somewhat Xenomorph-like ice creatures with frosted-over blue exoskeletons. Most of their body is composed of many, many butterfly-like scales layered overtop each other in a scalemail-like manner, resulting in a very smooth icy blue body. Certain parts of their bodies are solid carapace, and are a lighter blue than the rest. They have six limbs, with two usable pairs and a third pair on the front of its body, which is nearing vestigial status but is still usable. They can shift between a psuedo-bipedal and a quadrupedal stance; they normally only stand on their hind legs when angered.

They are somewhat feared creatures that are capable of infusing any creature in the universe with their own icy blood, which, when subjected to freezing temperatures, rapidly consumes the bloodstream and transforms the victim into a part-Cryokkan oddity. They typically retain their personality when this happens. Depending on the host, this can do anything from simply change small parts of the appearance to create a grotesque hybrid. Humans are the most resistant to this and typically retain a near-entirely human body.

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