Crahel is the local blue giant star of the Crahel System. It is orbited by five planets—Gareleuse, Phion, Mictan, Scarus and Kimba. One of its worlds, Scarus, is a wild planet and has been eyed by the Zavvaku Empire as a potential future site for a colony. The star is only 1.36 parsecs away from the Tromin System.

The Crahel SystemEdit

Crahel System

The Crahel System is a planetary system consisting of one star and five planets. It may become a future site of a Zavvaku colony.

Celestial BodiesEdit

  1. Crahel, local blue giant star
  2. Gareleuse, Hell world
  3. Phion, rocky world
  4. Mictan, savannah world
  5. Scarus, wild world
  6. Kimba, ice world
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