Coral Trap

Main Information Edit

Coral Traps are very small animals native to Gamila's Paddleton Sea. They feed off Gamilian Coral, using their sharp beaks to cut off small chunks of it. They are fairly easy to eat. Because of this, Hosts often lay up to 140 eggs.

Defense Adaptations Edit

Coral Traps are known for their strange defense mechanisms. First, Coral Traps often travel in enormous schools. These schools of up to about 400 or more Coral Traps can surround a predator entirely, using their beaks to find a soft spot on the animal. After this, they will all relocate to that area on the predator, and repeatedly bite the predator until it creates a wound. Second, when a Coral Trap is eaten whole, it can use its long tails and fins to tickle the throat of the predator, causing a reflex and making the predator spit up the animal. Third, the tails of the Coral Trap are filled with bone, allowing the Coral trap to knock away smaller predators.

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