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Main Information Edit

Combing Birds are 3-foot long flying animals native to the Paddleton Sea of Gamila. They are known for their feeding habits, using a wide, sideways jaw filled with needle teeth to catch tiny animals such as Hookbellies. Their hostile behavior is also very interesting, giving them the nickname "Gamilian Sadists."

Feeding Behavior Edit

Combing Birds swoop through swarms of Hookbellies, the main swarming insect-like animal of the Paddleton Sea, catching animals in their teeth. They use long, sticky tongues to lick the animals off. As to not scatter the swarms, Combing Birds attempt to pick off Hookbelly sentries prior to a main attack.

Hostility Edit

Combing Birds are known to be extremely hostile. They attempt to kill all animals in their area, using their strong wings to squeeze and choke. They are known to seek out animals much bigger than themselves, such as Scissormouths, even though they are not in danger. It is unknown why they do this, as it is often self-destructive. They are especially cruel to their own species. If they see a Coming Bird of the same sex, they will immediately attempt to forcibly drown it. If they see a Combing Bird of a different sex that they deem unattractive, they will also attempt to drown it, but, as to mock the creature, will periodically lift it out of the water before trying to slamming it back in.

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