Chiarite is a smooth mineral formed from deceased fauna calcifying into detritum, only to eventually be exposed to the surface after millions of years of erosion. It has an average metal content of 78%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Dauenolaste.

Chiarite is similar to other outcroppings of detritum found throughout the Euclid Galaxy, yet is smooth to the touch, whereas most other detritum deposits are found to have rolls of rough segments stacked on top of one another. Like the Geysinnoite found on Litvaardpa Dummi, Chiarite has reached quantum instability, making it dangerous to approach due to its unpredictability. How it reached this stage is unknown; however, some conspiracy theorists believe wholeheartedly that the Dujurbite found on the planet may be the remnants of those who came into contact with Chiarite and slowly faded into another dimension, leaving behind their bodies in a corrupted state. However, Dujurbite consists of iron and gold and not carbon or similar organic compounds, and the process through which it forms is well understood, leaving little likelihood of this conspiracy being in any way true.

Like others of their kind, Chiarite is often found with small bits of vegetation sprouting from it; in the case of this particular mineral, the species most often seen growing out of it is known as Chiacap.

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