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Chaos Legions
Creator Somarinoa
Location Extradimensional: Found in this dimension within the entirety of the Kyklos Galaxy, and likely well beyond its borders.
Tier Level
Kardashev Scale
Technology Varied by species.
Size Too vast to calculate
Estimated Population Too vast to calculate; stated to have already completely enslaved at least one other universe before arriving in the current one
Notable For Violently absorbing races into its rank via mutational virus known as the Hyper Evolutionary Virus.
Governing Body
Capital World Impossible to know due to extradimensional origins and likely billions of races within the fold of their empire
Founding Species Diimons
Governing Body None; legions driven naturally by the same purpose while governments often fall to the wayside in lieu of strict chaos
Main Leaders None
Policy Absorb races into Chaos Legions at all costs.
Main species Diimons, Ayzuuk Mutation, Jaw Diimon, Kaetarkian, Minifrit, Sphere Diimon
Origin Unknown, likely even to the Chaos Legions as they do not appear to care about written history
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Currency None
State Expanding
Age Incalculable; known to be older than our universe according to Sal'jaedon
Allies None, although the Cult of Bone share somewhat similar destructive goals
Enemies Primary: Dragoons and the Jaedonites
Secondary: All other affiliations, including but not limited to the UFCL, Zolacian Liberation Front, Iskian Empire, Crux Space Pirates, Great Trade Organization, Scourge Space Pirates, and Vacotor Knowledge Symposium

The Chaos Legions is an absolutely massive, destructive empire founded by the Diimons to violently absorb all races into its grasp.


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Full-Fledged Members[]

These races have been absorbed into the Chaos Legions via mutation that transforms them into vicious monsters obsessed will converting more races into the growing Legion that is the Chaos Legions. Technically there are no "partially-associated races" within the Chaos Legions, as the mutation that occurs in victims can be considered a transmogrification into, essentially, an entirely new species. No Diimonic creature has ever knowingly left the legion nor has any individual joined them and succeeded in remaining unscathed and transformed. Examples of this would be the Ayzuuk Mutations, Jaw Diimons and Kaetarkians, who still have uncorrupted counterparts in the galaxy known as the Ayzuuki, Jaws and Ciitarkians, respectively.