Cerma is the local blue giant star of the Cerma System. It is orbited by four planets - Naydes, Eugling, Quaramank and Ekteropen. As Quaramank possesses blue spice, it is openly considered as the most likely candidate for a second Zavvaku Empire colony; should this happen, Cerma will officially fall under Zavvaku Empire territory.

The Cerma SystemEdit

The Cerma System is a planetary system consisting of one star and four planets. It may become a future site of a Zavvaku colony due to the existence of blue spice.

List of Stellar ObjectsEdit

  1. Cerma, local main sequence star
  2. Naydes, Hell world
  3. Eugling, dust world
  4. Quaramank, ice world
  5. Ekteropen, dust world
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