A Cat's Eye attacking a Uganian.

The Cat's Eye, or Leoculus, is an extremely large plant found in Gamila's Mauran Tundra. The plant is known for its spider-like complexion and its singular, eye-like fruit. The name "Leoculus" is derived from the latin Leo Oculus, which means Lion Eye. The plant spreads seeds in quite a violent way; when animals are near, the seed pods in the fruit rotate towards an animal, then are squeezed back and expelled, much like a pop gun. When an animal is stabbed by one of these pods, the pod opens and releases thousands of tiny seeds into the blood. As the creature bleeds put, the seeds are spread all over the ground. The blood also gives the seeds a fair amount of nutrition. Quickly after shooting, the small pink bubbles on the side of the plant are sucked into the stalk and converted into new seed pods.

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