An Ouchie rolling across a field.


A Bumberball with its spikes deployed.

Bumberballs, or Ouchies as they are called when in groups, are omnivourous creatures that inhabit the planet Rinea. They appear to be round balls, but when touched by something living, the Bumberball will explode into a mass of spikes and will begin to suck all liquids out from the creature or plant, leaving behind a shrivelled, dehydrated carcass. The Bumberball can roll almost evertywhere, but it has the ability to hop. The Bumberball has no eyes, as they would most likely become very damaged from all the rolling that the Bumberball does. So instead, Bumberballs use echolocation to find prey. The Bumberball has the ability to launch itself at very high speeds, impaling itself deep inside of a creature before deploying its spikes. This can guarantee that the Bumberball is not shaken off, and it is especially useful for large creatures such as the Bruxon. Bumberballs are much like Earth's wolves with their social behaviours; with most Bumberballs roaming in groups, or Ouchies, while others prefer to roam the landscape alone.

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