An adult Bruxon standing in a field.

The Bruxon are carnivorous land creatures who inhabit the planet Rinea. They have no mouth; instead, they produce an aroma which attracts flying creatures. The creatures then land on the Bruxon's back, and dissolve in the strange acid that coats the Bruxon's back. This method is used by many plants on the planet Earth. The Bruxon use their tusks mainly for defence, though not many creatures threaten this humongous creature. The Bruxon have one large eye atop their body. This eye allows them to see in almost all directions, for the Bruxon are slow, and turning around takes quite a long time. The Bruxon are solitary creatures, only coming together to mate every 10-12 Earth years. The Bruxon's life span is about 150 Earth years.

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