Blux-Ray reboot240px
General Information
Origin ???
Aliases None
Classification ???
Species Type ???
Homeworld Unidentifed
Environment Humid
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Discovery Date 900 AD Mesoamerica
Discoverer Maya civilization
Biological Information
Lifespan Unknown
Average Height 2.4 M
Average Weight 45 Kg
Average Length 1 M
Average Width 1.2 M
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Feeding Behavior Carnivore
Prey Anything that can easily be killed
Predators None
Distinctive Features 2 heads,poisonous bite.
Skin Color purple tones
Eye Color yellow
Cladogramatical Information
Ancestor(s) ???
Fellow Species ???
Descendant(s) ???
Related Species ???
Cultural Information
Alignment ???
Personality Agressive
Organization Pack
Language(s) Can easily learn the language of the killed prey.
Affiliation(s) none
Capital City none
Leaders Alpha Blux-Ray
Members Pack members
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet ???
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Elopomorpha
Suborder Anguilliformes
Family Muraenidae
Subfamily Muraeninae
Genus Rhinomuraena
Other Information
Status Common
First Sighting 900 AD
Last Sighting 1300 AD
Population Common

The Blux-Ray species come on planet Terra in 900 AD in Mesoamerica.The Maya civilization think at that time they are Gods.Blux-Ray help the civilization teaching them to build the pyramids and everything they need to know to flourish but with a price,they need sacrifices.The civilization then sacrifices mothly at the Gods,until a mayan say they are not real Gods making them angry on them,they then start to kill the mayans until making the civilization to collapse.In 1300 AD they leave the planet thinking the human race is inferiority.


This species have a purple armor on their bodies,in top of the armor 2 heads are located,necks are long black and have 3 purple stripes,their mouths are bony and have teeths like needles to inject poison in prey.The eyes are yellow,they can see in dark.Then 1 horn for each head.The horn is so hard that can break bones.The arms have 3 powerful claws used to ripp apart prey meat,the tail is not capable of moving,the legs are powerful and is used to run after prey.


They stand in biped position just for intimidating,they walk in run on all 4s.

The Senses

  • Sight:Is capable of see in dark,to make them invisible for prey.
  • Hearing:They don't have ears but they still hear very well.
  • Taste & Smell:They used their tounges to taste the air to help them to find their prey.
  • Touch:They use in biped stance thier arms to touch.


  • Fear:When they are scared they shacking and release a gas areound themself to protection.
  • Anger:When they feel angry,they attack immediatly the source.
  • Sadness:When they feel sad,they start to crying acid tears.
  • Joy:When they feel happy,they start to make a hyena-like laught.
  • Disgust:When they feel disgust,they start to make a sound like they are ready to vomit.
  • Surprise:When they are surprised,their horn became a fan-like.
  • Trust:When they are trusting,they cough at as agreement.
  • Anticipation:When they anticipate something,they start to beat the earth.
  • Love:When they love,they start to make a siren like song.


  • The first version of Blux-Ray have no tail,the tail was added later.
  • Their arms similar to the tail is was not capable to move,that make to look like a mutant chicken.
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