Evelin Citizen Spore

An Evelin citizen during the Blade Wars.

The Blade Wars were a series of hundreds of thousands of wars, skirmishes and conflicts that went on and off for 5,000 years on planet Slashbaar between the various factions of Evelins during the early parts of their civilization era.


Much like the tribal era, the civilization too was filled with violence, only on a grander scale. The first Evelin civilization that formed realized their new-found power and technological advancement could allow them to dominate Evelins still found in tribal communities, and so thousands of tribesmen were wiped out by the new Evelin civilization.

Other Evelin tribes saw the writing on the wall, and some managed to advance into civilized societies in order to defend themselves from rival Evelin. The new civilizations constantly attempted to defeat each other via massive arms races by building as many weapons as they could manage. It was not uncommon for Evelins to overproduce needed weapons, but the Evelin's felt it was better to be over prepared rather then under prepared.

The discovery of metal greatly changed the Evelin's methods at killing one another, and the Evelins soon began to strip-mine Slashbaar 3,000 years earlier than mankind had on Earth. About 40% of the Evelin population mined and processed raw materials for usage by the warring civilizations which demanded a constant supply of these raw materials to wage their wars. Famine however was kept in check as 50% of the population worked in the fields and harvested food for the species to consume. The other 10% filled all other niches.

As time went by, the Blade Wars slowly resided and calm peace soon settled on Slashbaar, which would soon usher in an industrial period that eventually would lead the Evelin on a crash course of self-destruction and the complete and irreversible decimation of planet Slashbaar.

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