Belus V
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Deceased
Inspiration Basil II

Cyrus the Great


Vital Statistics
Aliases Belus the Great

Saints among Emperors (Various non-morphs)

Species Hunyago
Gender Male
Age 670 years
Date of Birth 240 CE
Date of Death 910 CE
Era(s) Pre-Spaceflight


Eye Color Green
Homeplanet Mergen, Borvonian Kingdom (now Republic of Borvo)
Occupation Emperor of the Bio-Morph Empire (713-801)
Affiliation Bio-Morph Empire (508-910)
Allies Morph Imperial Court
Foes Rovar Empire (713-910)

Ninsun Empire (713-910)

Dagon Empire (713-910)

Mother Apame III
Father Belus IV
Paternal Grandfather Belus III
Children Landrada Adaltrude (As guardian)
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman speed

Superhuman strength

Weaponry Pre-Didoli Warhammer
Attire Emperor head crown

"Subjugation without exception."
— Belus V's official proclamation shortly after his coronation

Belus V, born Belus V Tephono, or Belus the Great, was the third Hunyago Emperor of the Bio-Morph Empire. Reigning from 713 CE to 801 CE. He was the successor of his grandfather, Belus III, who passed the position of Emperor to him. He was succeeded by Uparmiya Jobias upon his abdication. Ending the short-lived Bormana dynasty on the imperial throne.

Born Benild Richomeres Ansgard Wulfram as the son of Belus IV and Apame III from the prestigious House of Bormana. Belus V was attached by his grandfather Belus III as cultural advisor to non-morphs. A position that should have allowed him to accompany the emperor but never saw a single use. Although his delving into non-morph cultures brought back from early explorers fascinated him. Coming to the conclusion that the intellectualization of non-morphs was not a suitable path. But respecting them would be.

Ascending to Emperor himself after his grandfather passed, Belus worked to see this vision through. He had to assert his reign. First by preventing Ceannasaí Joma from defecting to the Rovar Empire. Then later he would reform the imperial policy which granted universal suffrage and religious tolerance for non-morphs, and the adoption of a new tax system. With his domestic issues done, he looked to Ninurta, still opposing the morph colonization nearly 200 years after first contact from Sero Fera. Culminating in the battle of Aekupol and the defeat of chieftain Landrada Adaltrude. Completing the morphist conquest of Ninurta and ensuring the marduk species would be under morphist control for the next millennia. Outside the empire, new enemies would emerge: the Ninsun Empire and the Dagon Empire. The rivalry between the morphs and rovar during his reign also heated.

Belus' insistence on constantly campaigning against his enemies greatly affected the imperial economy. Forcing a retreat behind the Magentis Belt due to being unable to pay it's defenders. The situation worsened when the Ninsun acquired the Einush system, a large portion of the belt. Threatening Ninurta. In his last act, Belus was able to gather a large force to crush the siege of Ninurta after it's moon fell to them. Yet, it did not stop his eventual abdication. For the last 109 years of his life, Belus spent them on Ninurta. Training the Marduk's and raising Landrada as his adopted daughter.

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