Belimer Nidada
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Aliases Green boy (Andikan)
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Human: English
Gender Male
Age 152 years
Date of Birth 1848 CE
Hair Color As Human: Dark Brown
Eye Color As Human: Blue

As Morph: Green

Homeplanet Nergal (morph colony)
Occupation Courier
Affiliation Republic of Epione (1866-present)

Human Readiness Committee (1898-2000)

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown

Crocus Nidada (step-father)

Friends Alaric Bessas

Orlaithe Cahan

Wyman Nodons

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Human male of English descent
Attire Flag of Zimbabwe shoulder patch
Belimer Nidada is a Hunyago courier. In the Human Readiness Committee, he is known as the Bio-Morph of Zimbabwe. Identified as a human named Richard Kennedy.

Born into the Gente-Verde population of Nergal and forced to experience the horrors of it's three main events: the Rovar conquest, the liberation, and the civil war. Then becoming the step-son of Crocus Nidada. 50 years later, he joined the return to Earth with his adoptive father.

History Edit

Rovar Invasion and Conquest of Nergal Edit

Born to a farmer couple. A gente-amarilla father and gente-azul mother. The time of his birth was during the decolonization phase. Nergal transitioned to a morph dependency instead of a desired independent state. For his first year, the First Galactic War raged. Nergal would fall under rovar occupation on his second birthday.

The rovar takeover had the consequence of removing the hunyago administrators still present and giving positions of authority to the pami, remembering the treatment suffered under a no longer present Gul Banu's rule, then took their vengeance on the morph inhabitants. Subjecting them to a pseudo-slavery system.

Liberation of Nergal and Post-FGW Edit

in 1852, morph imperial forces had managed to break through to the Pami protectorate. An assault on the planet laid waste to the occupational force. The area he resided in was quickly overrun by a Pami-led regiment. One came into his servant home and killed his masters. Freeing him from their abuse. Although this Pami would just leave him. Going outside his living quarters, he spotted other Pami looting homes of morph inhabitants. Speaking of taking the planet as a governorate of the soon-to-be independent homeworld. Looking through his old home, he was found by the Pami man. Who revealed his name to be Andikan, the Pami man who found him in the servant house. Andikan scolded him for looting 'pami property'. He punished him by shooting Belimer in his foot. Then proceeded to stomp his face. Giving him a bloody nose. Responding by biting his arm, getting pistol whipped. Andikan then grabbed a wire, tying him to a pole.

Nergalian Civil War Edit

"Why won't anyone help me? I want to go home."
— To himself

Belimer, still tied to a pole, served to show Pami that they no longer were under forced control of the morphs. Passerby's often flung food at him instead of handing him food to eat. Most would then shout disparaging remarks ranging from his skin color to the fact he was weak for being tied to a pole. He was let free only to be placed in a cell.

Later was found by a fellow verde named Orlaithe Cahan, who was hoping to bury her partner's body in their home. She took him away from the planet once her personal quest had been achieved.

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