Beaked Zekara

A Zekara preparing for danger

Zekara Posterior Beak

The Posterior Beak of a Zekara partly open

Beaked Zekara are 5 foot long aquatic herbivores native to the coasts of Gamila's Mauran Tundra. They are known for their beak-like shells, which wrap around the animals' necks. These "beaks" snap shut in dangerous situations. They pull their necks in, and hide their fins by their sides. This makes them appear to be their main prey, Kilb Nuts. The animals feed by cracking the nuts, then melting the interiors with a venom stored within the Flatron and expelled through a tube-like tongue. This, very often, results in accidental mating and pregnancies. Because their large shells slow them down, Zekara have evolved to be very strong and steady, allowing them to swim great distances without taking breaks.

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