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Baron Mumkices
Primary Information
Creator BaryMiner/Barytyrannus
Status Deceased
Appearances TEC
Vital Statistics
Aliases Fat Ass (by rebels), Baron (by subordinates)
Species Mumhenots
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Date of Death Approx. 10 days after the Battle for Edoromania
Era(s) Battle for Edoromania-Fall of the Konivex
Hair Color Purple (unseen)
Eye Color Green
Height 5'2
Weight 560 lbs
Homeplanet Mumhnen
Occupation Baron of the Council
Affiliation Otops Hierarchy
Allies Derakonas (at first), Yukbehr, Lodadoiry, Peritron, Ryuujin
Foes Derakonas (after the battle of Edoromania), TEC forces, Nathan Anderson
Mother Empress Mumyek Verision
Father Emperor Mumluyen Verision
Sister(s) Vertinix
Spouse(s) Yetwin'dali
Children None
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Highest ranking council member
Weaponry Standard blaster, hologram, gas bombs
Attire Mumhenots royalty attire

Baron Mumkices was the highest ranking council member in the head council of the Otops Hierarchy, being just below Ryuujin himself. Mumkices served for over 30 years before his demise soon after the Battle for Edoromania.


It is unknown when Mumkices was born, but, according to his autobiography, he had been enlisted early in life. As he fought, he quickly rose in the ranks until an unfortunate accident forced him to quit the military forces. However, he was a great political figure and a certified genius, and Ryuujin decided to use him for other purposes.

Life in the Head Council[]

As the soon-to-be Baron was accepted into the council, the previous Baron was murdered. Mumkices took his position instantly. Unfortunately, during his career, he was too busy to keep track of his weight problems, and has trouble walking because of it.

As he was in the council, he began to dislike the Fleet Admiral Derakonas. Their relationship was shaky, but they put differences aside and worked together.


"Please! If you spare me, I swear I'll repay you. I can offer millions of......" -The Baron's final words

The Baron had helped choose Derakonas to lead the march on Vegas Mount during the Battle for Edoromania. During the battle, however, Derakonas's wife had committed suicide during the battle. Because of this Derakonas went AWOL. In the ten days that followed, Derakonas murdered many of Ryuujin's soldiers in a fit of rage. On the tenth day, Baron Mumkices and Vizier Yukbehr were discussing a plan to assassinate Derakonas, as the door to their hall was kicked open. Derakonas entered the room and killed all of the Baron's guards. He proceeded to slowly approach the Baron and Vizier. Vizier Yukbher attempted to flee, but as he ran, Derakonas grabbed him and snapped the Vizier's neck. He them turned towards the Baron, who pleaded for mercy. Derakonas laughed and turned around, pulling out a blade. The Baron began bribing him, saying that he would pay the Fleet Admiral millions. Before he could finish his sentance, the Baron was decapitated by Derakonas's blade.