Bane was a Dorian Vetran helping in the mission to kill the crew of the cargo ship,the Hixon.This mission was    



Primary Information
Universe Doria
Creator Dr.Zenox
Status Deceased
Appearances The Dorian
Vital Statistics
Aliases Bad Breath
Species Dorian
Gender Male
Age 300
Date of Birth 2700
Date of Death October 7,3000
Era(s) The Dorian War-The Link Contract
Hair Color None
Eye Color Gold
Height 10 feet
Weight 2tons
Homeplanet Edromina
Occupation Dorian Vetran
Affiliation Dorian Army
Allies Skylberje Mhodeek,Dresh,Wolfclaw,Scar
Foes Olivia Canes,Alex Malberge,Dr.Zenox
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Abilities & Inventory
Weaponry Teeth,Second Pair of arms
  lead by Dresh Mhodeek.He was killed by one of the Hixon's injured crew members.

The Link Contract

Bane was stalking Alex Malberge when the crew member Samuel Edmund(Sam) caught sight of him.Sam was on his  chair when Bane grabed Alex's knife which was dropped minutes earlier and threw it into Sam's leg.He screamed and fell backwards.He noticed a shotgun now that he was upside down hanging off the chair.Bane came to finish him but Sam flipped over and shot Bane in the forehead.

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