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Balderic Marcomir
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Species Magkahalo
Gender Male
Age 604 years
Date of Birth 1396 CE, Protectorate of Martu, Morphist Imperium
Era(s) Imperial


Eye Color Brown
Homeplanet Martu
Hometown Asherah
Occupation Statesman

Feraist leader

Affiliation Morphist Imperium (1396-1853)
Mother Oraza Parageda
Father Amand Marcomir
Sister(s) Unnamed siblings
Children Candac Marcomir (Step-son)
Friends Chliste Arweinyyd
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Shape-shifting

Genius level intellect

Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Amurru male

Hunyago male

Attire Amurru robes

Feraist badge

Balderic Marcomir is a Magkahalo statesman of Epione and leader of it's neo-feraists chapter alongside being the founder of the Lanskonect.

Balderic was born in Asherah, Martu's capital city under the rule of the Morphist Imperium as the only son of Amand Marcomir, a hunyago imperial soldier who settled on Martu and married Oraza Parageda. Balderic was not the only child of these two however as Oraza bore him alongside many other siblings. His early life happened at a time of major cultural and social change. Hunyago culture to even the anoist religion (a faith long reserved for shape-shifters) spread across the planet, he would naturally come into contact with feraists from Mergen. Interested in this he moved to Mergen (called Morphium by the amurru), as part of a growing trend among magkahalo that saw such immigration as a right of passage. It was during this pilgrimage he met Chliste Arweinyyd and Fastrada Basina, the foremost leaders of Feraism.

Balderic lived with his fellow morphs up to the 1820's where he left upon the coup against empress Joveta. Siding with Chliste and others as the base split in two over the outcome of the coup itself. A decision that saved his life. He fled to Epione to wait out the fallout of the coup and hopefully return back to the imperial center, but Joveta's successor started the process of decolonization. Unable to do what was planned, he moved operations to Epione's capital where he had a feraist cell established under his leadership. Years on as the situation escalated, such as the FGW and it's aftermath where the feraists suffered a split between the leaders Chliste Arweinyyd and Fastrada's mergenese successor: Cian Hardrada. In this succession struggle he pledged his allegiance to Chliste. Epione being a planet not considered a genuine part of the morphist world, was able to consecrate it as one. Receiving a boost in membership from hunyago imperial soldiers from the disbanded army and emigrating hunyago fleeing persecution, pressuring the GA to hand over the planet to the established morphs on the threat he would overthrow the temporary transitional government. With this threat in conjunction with outside pressures finally convinced them to do so. The act allowed refugee hunyago to emigrate to the planet. For this accomplishment Chliste made him leader of it's Machaon cell.

In 1866 the Republic of Epione was declared by the diaspora. Balderic, for his part, now had the task of ensuring they became the majority species. His administration on the matter did this by 'evacuating' or exchanging morphist populations from area's outside true control (a policy often done by the imperium.) At this time in 1866 Epione was now a mosaic of cultures consisting of hunyago settler groups that emigrated here to escape anti-morph persecution from former morphist colonies. It would be through the process he created, through government decree, the Lanskonect (Hunyan word translated as: Land connection) based in the ideological motto: Cital du Morph (Hunyan word translation: Citadel of Morphs) to ensure the complete hunyagoization of the planet through gradual assimilation of the cultural and moral values of what peri-imperial non-morph inhabitants remained. He did this through the use of the Lanskonect created from the Instrument of Consolidation. With himself in the center of Epione's new government, he was made the most powerful person on the planet. Leading the government in the Sol War on the side of the defensive coalition.