An Axejumper after a kill

Axejumpers are 8-foot long ambush predators native to Gamila's Oragma. They use the spines on their back to blend in with the tall Desert Wheat patches of Gamila. They dig dens in the sand under the plants, sticking out their head and back to watch for predators. When an animal walks by the den, the Axejumper attacks, tackling the animal and attempting to decapitate it with its axe-like head. They then drag the body into the den for consumption. As Axejumpers' spines do not serve any protection, they have little defense besides their signature axes. They spend most of their time in the den, and can last a while on one food source. Axejumpers mate at the end of their lifecycle, traveling great distances to reach their mates. They use long moans as mating calls. Axejumper Deposits and Transports die directly after mating, and Hosts die after giving birth. Axejumpers pick up seeds from the Gamilian Wheat over time. The seeds are spread while the creatures are finding mates.

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