An Ashsucker feeding

Main Information Edit

Ashsuckers are slow, bulky carnivores native to the beaches of Oragma and the Purple Forest of Gamila. They are known for their amazing feeding and defense tactic. They are placed near the top of the food chain in their habitats. They often take up residence in caves.

Feeding and Defense Behavior Edit

Ashsuckers are known sometimes as "The Dragons of Gamila" because of their odd adaptation. Ashsuckers cannot digest or chew meat properly, and do not have the abilities of a liquivore, so they eat by burning their food into ashes and extracting helpful materials. They tackle their prey and burn them with a fire-spitting appendage. They can also use this as a defense tactic, spraying their attackers with fire. They are rarely burned themselves, as they generate a glossy, fire-proof liquid out of their pores. However, the creature is awfully slow, and the creature's sides and back have no protection. This makes the creature very vulnerable to stealth predators, such as Axejumpers. Ashsuckers also have very strong feet that are able to clasp and squeeze objects.

Anatomy Edit

There are many steps to using the strange adaptation. The Ashsucker first extracts oxygen from the atmosphere using tiny tubes on their pores. These tubes lead to the gas bag, a large pouch leading into the flame gland, a pouch where the fire is started. In the gas bag, thousands of tiny bacteria native to the animal produce methane and other flammable gases. This gas is stored and eventually let into the flame gland. The interior of the pouch is thick and fireproof, with tight, air proof valves to keep the animal from being burned alive from the inside out. In the pouch is the flame grid, a grid of specialized muscles with a rough lining. The muscles rub together as they contract and stretch, creating small sparks. This quickly creates a flame, which is unleashed through the flamethrower appendage at the enemy of the Ashsucker.

Mating Behavior Edit

Ashsuckers will fight for mates, and are extremely violent to members of their species. Seeing an Ashsucker of the same gender is an instant fight for the creature. An Ashsucker will attack its competitor vigorously, attempting to spray flames into the mouths of their opponents, where they are unprotected, crushing their opponent's bones with their feet, and attempting to knock their opponents over by ramming them. Ashsuckers mate directly, pressing their mouths together to disperse their DNA. This gives way to Stranglers. Hosts spend their pregnancy alone, while their Deposits and Transports go on to find different mates. When a Host gives birth, its babies latch onto it for protection. Once their fire systems develop, the babies murder their parent for food and go on their separate ways.

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