Legacy of AsalogThe remnants of Asalog's memory
Primary Information
Universe No Mans Sky
Creator Name procedurally generated; character created by Somarinoa
Status Deleted
Appearances No Mans Sky
Inspiration Existence of magnetic mineral on Korvax world, combined with various related species between Litvaardpa Dummi in Korvax space and Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk in Gek space; name taken from local Monolith
Vital Statistics
Species Korvax
Gender Male-programming
Era(s) Gek First Spawn
Homeplanet Litvaardpa Dummi
Occupation Slave (former), Resistance Leader
Affiliation Gek First Spawn (former)
Litvaardpa Resistance
Abilities & Inventory

"Knowledge paves the way to the understanding of probability. The Atlas spoke in fragments. The Atlas Interfaces are their shadows. The monoliths are their scattered children. Togehter they convey the wisdom of the infinite. They must be understood."
— Asalog's legacy

Asalog was a Korvax slave who existed during the Gek First Spawn Era.

"He" were a part of the Genetic Transference between Litvaardpa Dummi, which he called home, and Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk, a planet in a nearby planetary system. During this time, however, Asalog attempted to distribute a species of Gekdog in an area which unbeknown to him was full of vast quantities of Lacuspinite, a magnetic mineral found on the planet. He did not recognize it and thus did not leave in time to avoid CPU damage. This actually helped lead to a ramp up in aggressive behavior that culminated in the Litvaardpa Resistance, where he led his people in revolt against their cruel slavers and successfully freed themselves.

After the rebellion's success, he moved back into the fields of Lacuspinite, feeling that it connected him to the Atlas, and constructed a monolith that would become known as the Legacy of Asalog. Some decades later however, he reappeared and attacked his own kind, having been so damaged from existing in a heavily magnetic location that he could no longer discern right from wrong and had become very violent even towards his own people. Because of this the local Korvax had to delete him. Despite this end, they still honor his legacy and the freedom he provided the Litvaardpans.

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