Arpenefe Ayug
Arpenefe Orbit
General Information
Creator Procedurally generated world
Alternate Names Arpenefe
Planet Type Forsaken Planet (former)
Bountiful Planet (current)
Universal Location
Universe No Man's Sky
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Euclid Galaxy
Sector Ospeleshv Fringe
System Toseike System
Position 4th
Orbital Characteristics
Satellites 0
Physical Characteristics
Climate Acidic Dust
Surface temperature 53.4°F (Day)
37.3°F (Night)
Terra-Score T0
Terrain Hue Purple and rust orange
Atmosphere Hue Pale blue
Weather Class Class 1
Tectonics Class Class 1
Sapients Korvax
Political Information
Affiliation Vy'keen (former)
Korvax Empire
Government Vy'keen Empire (former)
Korvax Empire
Official Language(s) Korvax
Strategic Information
Major Exports Emeril, Nickel, Heridium
Valuable To Vy'keen (former)

Arpenefe Ayug (occasionally shortened by locals to "Arpenefe") is the fourth planet in the Toseike System, found within known Korvax space. It was formerly an inconsequential, abandoned Forsaken Planet located within the Ospeleshv Fringe along the edge of the Euclid Galaxy, but has since been revitalized as a Bountiful Planet.


Arpenefe Ayug is a moonless planet in the Toseike System. While it was recently a peaceful world, this is only because the half-life of numerous radioactive isotopes had finally been reached. No life whatsoever could be found on the planet, although Sentinels did roam the surface in very small numbers.


Korvax RebellionEdit

For centuries if not millennia, the Korvax were enslaved by the Gek First Spawn, forced to do their every bidding. This broke down over time and the Korvax were freed, with one such instance taking place when the local Korvax hero Asalog had his CPU scrambled while on Litvaardpa Dummi, ramping up his aggression and leading to the formation of the Toseike Rebellion. While skirmishes occurred across the various planets of both Toseike and nearby Yepreckerts, the major deciding battle happened over Arpenefe. The massive amounts of nuclear debris and radiation from the fighting in orbit and on the surface irreparably killed the planet and all of its former inhabitants. When the Korvax realized they were free, they regretted what had become of Arpenefe and classified it as a forsaken world and left it in ruin. For many centuries it was left alone. When the regional Korvax went into sleep mode and the system was salvaged by the nomadic Vy'keen some time later, they also found the world inhospitable and left it abandoned, as well. However, Freighters would occasionally orbit above the world as a dumping ground for anything they needed to be rid of.

Korvax AwakeningEdit

When the Korvax left in stasis beneath Litvaardpa Dummi, they rose up and slaughtered the local Vy'keen occupying the system. In the process, the atmosphere of Amchasavy Owas was stripped from it and brought over to Arpenefe both as a way to revitalize the forsaken planet (which the Korvax at the time were also stationed on) as well as to easily kill off the Vy'keen staffed on Amchasavy. Because of this, Arpenefe was reclassified as a bountiful planet.


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