Artic Pounder
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Main Information Edit

Arctic Pounders are furry, relatively short animals native to the Mauran Tundra on Gamila. They are very fast, running at top speeds at around 50-60 mph. They get their name from their main way of getting food; ramming into other creatures at high speeds, pushing the creatures to the floor or knocking them unconscious. This makes it easy to feed. They then use a long tentacle-like proboscis to suck blood out of their prey. This often makes them prey to Uganians. Arctic Pounders travel in packs of up to 60 individuals. To protect the pack, Arctic Pounders have evolved a very strange adaptation.

Pack Behavior Edit

Arctic Pounder packs are often in irregular shapes, with Transports, Hosts, and Deposits strewn about. Baby Arctic Pounders, or Bluebeans, are often in the middle of the pack. If a pack is in danger, a single Arctic Pounder will approach the predator slowly, sucking up air and building up pressure in the body. The Arctic Pounder takes in so much air that it practically explodes, spraying out a special venom from a gland in the stomach. This suicide attack scares the predator away from the pack or, in certain cases, gives the Pounders a free meal. Arctic Pounders are very social, and often share food, play with each other, and interact with other packs. In some cases, a member of one pack can convince a member from another to join its pack.

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