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The Amurru are a species of shape-shifting quadrupeds native to the planet Martu located in the Ninab system. Discovered in 1206 CE by the hunyago and subsequently placed under the imperial umbrella from then on. Although Martu was not a category-1 planet, amurru have spread throughout most of the morphist imperium such as Epione and Pouta.

Similar to the morphs of Mergen, amurru contain the same method of shape-shifting through internal cellular manipulation. Such as being able to morph arms into blades. With the lifespan of 500-800 years, they appear with a humanoid upper body and the lower body of a spider-like creature.

Notable Amurru[]

  • Megiddo Ugera - Imperial commander and crime boss
  • Ixelles Ugera - Epione Energy worker
  • Hymraric Ferageddo - Martu commander
  • Wallia Egica - Empress of the Morphist Imperium