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Captain Alynn Slater
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Primary Information
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Creator Somarinoa
Status Deceased
Appearances Scourge
Inspiration Space Marines
Vital Statistics
Species Terran
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Hair Color Brunette
Occupation Space Marine Platoon Commander
Affiliation United Federation of Celestial Lifeforms
Foes Scourge Space Pirates
Friends Syler Korsse
Walli Dzidullidorf
Abilities & Inventory
Weaponry Standard issue UFCL space marine captain equipment
Gear Standard issue UFCL space marine captain equipment
Attire Standard issue UFCL space marine captain equipment

Captain Alynn Slater was a space marine platoon commander in the United Federation of Celestial Lifeforms, commonly shortened to simply UFCL.

A Terran platoon commander aboard the UNAS Righteous Course, a battlecruiser of the UFCL, Captain Slater led a successful military career spanning 20 years, fighting in battles against many of the Terran's enemies. His final career move was to serve aboard the doomed UNAS Righteous Course, which he shared similar beliefs to in terms of crew placements.

He served as Corporal Syler Korsse's platoon leader for much of Korsse's career, and the two had an excellent working relationship, though Slater kept it professional, being of higher rank than Korsse; however, he respected Korsse's skill set and had done much of the promotions leading to Syler's corporal status. Although not a malicious individual, he was a firm believer in the Terran government's ideals of keeping all main species' ships as primarily run by that species, with xenos relatively sparse amongst the crew. He was not in any way speciesist nor had any less potential respect for those xenos serving under his command, but thought, unlike Captain Haulxi Leone, that every species in the UFCL should keep their technology and culture progressing on an individual basis to prevent eventual dissolution which may lead to severe problems down the line (individual tech evolutions for instance would "cover more ground" than one basic standard evolution set, which may prevent the UFCL from being able to have the proper tech necessary to combat specific threats currently unknown to any of the species).

Present at Ryol, he and his platoon were ambushed by a Scourge invasion force, and the crew of the Righteous Course wiped out. Noting Korsse's unmatched potential, Slater sacrificed himself so that the trooper could escape a Savpraxxi swarm.

Behind the scenes

  • Alynn Slater was named after A.C. Slater, a character from Saved By the Bell, a sitcom from the late 1980s to early 1990s, which Somarinoa used to watch back in the day.
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