Alex Malberge is the hero and main character of The Dorian                                                                              

Alexander Malberge
Alex Malberge

Alex Malberge meeting Dresh

Primary Information
Universe Milky Way
Status Alive
Appearances The Dorian,The Dorian2,any nonconfirmed sequels
Vital Statistics
Aliases Alex, Lex, Malberge
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 10 in the Dorian War, 20 in the Link Contract
Date of Birth 12,18,2980
Era(s) The Dorian War-Link Contract
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 6ft
Homeplanet Earth
Hometown Jacksonville, Florida, US
Occupation Warrior
Affiliation Humans
Allies Mak Canes, Olivia Canes, Dr.Zenox, Sam, Jerry, Kat
Foes Dresh Mhodeek, Skylberge Mhodeek, Bane, Wolfclaw
Cousin(s) Mak Canes
Spouse(s) none
Friends All Humans
Abilities & Inventory
Weaponry Bowie Knife,Shotgun
Gear Cap,Jacket,Jeans

The Dorian War

In the Dorian War, Alex had to go on a recon mission with his team to destroy a Dorian base of operation, which gave Skylberje Mhodeek and Dresh Mhodeek a chance to kill him, but they didn't and only killed Mak Canes.

Lex and Zenox2

Alex meets Zenox for the first time in the Dorian War

The Link Contract

Alex, after being awarded for bravery, is sent with Sam, Jerry, and Kat to locate the Zenox device. In the first few minutes, the ship is invaded by a lone Dorian, Sony Mhodeek, which killed Jerry.