Air Strider
Air Striders
General Information
Classification Land-based organism
Homeworld Terra III
Environment Deserts, rivers
Intelligence Non-Sapient?
Biological Information
Feeding Behavior Chemotrophic
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Personality Peaceful
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Terra III
Other Information
Status Extant
Creator Terra 4

Air Striders are a bizarre form of life on the planet Terra III. They were first discovered on a scientific expedition in 2509. Being a chemotrophic species, it feeds on organic compounds in the air and converts them using chemicals and substances secreted by the creature to dissolve and eventually convert the organics to energy. While this is a common occurrence on many worlds, being this large is rare as this is an inefficient process in obtaining energy. Although it has an aggressive appearance, it is actually a quite docile creature that often gallops away when approached. It also has a very human-like emotional quality as it will seek out a mate and stay with that mate until either it dies or its partner dies. It is apparently of insectoid descent due to having six appendages, and by the vocal nature of its calls.