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Adus Lesk
Adus Lesk MT Sprite Elevator.gif
Primary Information
Universe Metroid Universe
Amalgam Universe
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances Metroid Trials
Bounty Hunter Convention
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Occupation Federation Marine (former)
Bounty Hunter (current)
Affiliation Galactic Federation
Allies Samus Aran (fight same foes)
Xeno Agent Orola
Foes Morgue
Abilities & Inventory
Cybernetic Enhancements Nanosuit

Adus Lesk is the main character of the "spin-off" of the current incarnation of the Lunatic Entertainment Metroid fangame once known as "Metroid 4", Metroid Trials.


Adus started his carrier as a Space Marine aboard the Anhur-Class GFS Telephus. His vessel intercepts a garbled, untranslatable signal set on repeat. The location of origin is traced to the nearby Zessa System. Fearing it to be either a distress beacon from a ship lost in the area with an encrypted signal to prevent Pirate access to its message, or that it is instead a purposefully-faked signal set out by Space Pirates as a sinister trap to good Samaritans, the captain decides to set course for the system and check it out.

Once in the system, they travel to the location of the signal — Tozect's moon, Tozera. Finally landed, 3 crewmembers — Xeno Agent Orola and Private First Class Lesk and Wrengl — are ordered to perform reconnaissance in the outlying regions while the other 19 crewmembers proceed to set up a base of operations. Now on his own, it isn't long before Lesk discovers a critically wounded bounty hunter, who just as suddenly as unexpectedly conveys his armor to the surprised marine. Upon a return to his base camp, he then discovers a tragedy: all members left at the Telephus appear to have been slaughtered. Lesk then sets out to discover what has happened, which leads him to almost come into direct contact with Samus Aran herself and introduces to him two new threats to the galaxy: The Toryds and the Necrusk.


Adus Lesk MS Sprite.gif

Adus' nanosuit forms into a hardened exterior armor covering the entirety of his body, allowing him to explore regions not suitable for human habitation, including other planets and even outer space for a period of time. So long as the nanobots making up the suit can replenish themselves faster than they can be destroyed (which utilizes outside energy sources or energy collected into the suit's various integrated energy tanks to rebuild nanobots), he will remain safe. The suit's natural coloration is primarily dark blue and olive drab, though alterations to the nanobots' base design can cause this color to change, such as when adding variable thermostat systems or buoyancy vacuoles. Lights flicker all across the suit.

The right shoulder is built as an engine that helps provide a modicum of power to the suit but also aids in faster running speed. With upgrades to the suit, it can become safe to run at full power under water or in acid, as well. This shoulder engine possesses two heat sinks along its dorsal edge to prevent overheating in prolonged moments of use.

The suit is equipped with a unique visor; because the visor itself requires a thinner veil of nanobots to allow for its necessary transparent aspect, it is built to protect the ocular organs of the wielder. While the suit is naturally built to take into account the physiology of the inventor's race, where the large eyes are actually found on the forearms, the nanobots first scan a new host upon being applied to locate their eye location, and thus the visor is placed in the correct position for Adus. A shielding is built in the shape of a propeller that spins very rapidly across the visor with only a few microns between the two. This speedy movement allows the wearer to peer through the visor still while being so fast that virtually no attack can successfully get through it without being blocked by the shield instead. The visor is in an X-shape and thus this movement can cause a bit of a glimmering appearance when viewed straight on.