Aardzarcks are from the planet Orquon. Their name comes from their ancestors, which looked somewhat like an aardvarck.


Their ancestors looked like aardvarcks except for some differences. The ancestor was a synapsid, was green, and had no fur.


Aardzarcks look like their ancestors, except for some differences. Aardzarcks can fly! This ability is because of flying membranes. It starts with a single elongated finger on both hands. The membranes start from the end of the finger to the end of the tail. To land, they simply point up (with the elongated finger) and land on the two fingers that aren't in the membrane. Now, they can walk all around the ground. They also have flight bladders on the back.


Aardzarcks have a symbiosis with the Illmabob. Because of their gliding abilities, they can land on the Illmabob's back to eat parasites that eat skin. Thanks to their long sticky tongue, they can catch insects that have crawled anywhere in the back.


An Aardzarck's first defense against predators is the Illmabob (of coarse). Next, is flight. Then, if they get under their prey, they can give a nasty kick to the head. Finally, there's movable ears. These are helpful to block their head and neck against the Scorpion Bird. For camoflauge, they're bright green.

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